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The MS Votes team


The #Up2Us Campaign is a 16 week voter registration, voter protection and Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaign led by Mississippi Votes. It is a non-partisan effort to register and mobilize young Mississippians to vote on Election Day. The “Up 2 Us” (#Up2Us) campaign brings together college students, community volunteers, and grassroots organizations to register new voters and update voter information ahead of each election. Mississippi Votes will host forums and trainings around the state for volunteers who want to take part in registration drives in their communities. After the registration deadline, the #Up2Us campaign will pivot to voter education and GOTV efforts to boost turnout among millennial and first-time voters.


  • Register eligible voters before deadline
  • Educate voters on candidates, issues, and voting process
  • Work with community leaders to engage voters across the state
  • Assist voters in their voting plan
  • Host forums/trainings


October 28, 2022Vote Early Day
October 29, 2022Absentee Voting
October 31, 2022General/Special Elections Runoff Voter Registration Deadline
November 05, 2022In Person Absentee Voting Deadline
November 08, 2022Volunteer Call
November 08, 2022General Election Day
November 15, 2022Voter ID Affidavit Ballot Deadline
November 15, 2022Absentee Ballots Returned by Mail Deadline
November 16, 2022Late Absentee Ballots
November 18, 2022Delivery of Returns Deadline
November 19, 2022Absentee Voting for the General Election Runoff
November 26, 2022In Person Run Off Election Absentee Voting Deadline
November 29, 2022General Election Runoff
November 29, 2022Special Election Runoff