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Vote Your Voice: In Mississippi, grantee organizations are challenging systemic voter suppression

November 02, 2020

Cynthia Parham wants to vote by absentee ballot. A survivor of five heart bypass surgeries, the 61-year-old insurance agent in Oxford, Mississippi, also has diabetes and kidney disease. With the coronavirus a deadly threat to her, she has rarely left her home since March. But she…

Here’s How Young Black Voters Are Fighting Back Against Voter Suppression in Mississippi

September 24, 2019

While folks around the country are galvanizing today, National Voter Registration Day, to make sure people are eligible to vote come Election Day, here in Mississippi, young black voters are fighting for much more than making sure our names are on the voter rolls. For four…

Be a geofence: The story behind the technology that millennial-led Mississippi Votes uses to help more young Mississippians vote

June 06, 2019

JACKSON — Arekia Bennett throws herself into a chair in front of a dark red accent wall and rattles off a list of positions she hopes to fill as quickly as possible at Mississippi Votes, the nonprofit she has led as executive director for almost a year. Recently, Mississippi…

Pretrial detainees not convicted of crimes can vote, but Mississippi makes it impossible

November 02, 2018

With the upcoming midterm elections, we have already seen alarming reports of voter suppression across the country, including in Georgia and Kansas. Often forgotten in these reports is the segment of our population that remains unseen: incarcerated, eligible voters. For people…

A New Class of Voting Rights Activists Picks Up the Mantle in Mississippi

September 25, 2018

OXFORD, Miss. — The first time Howard Kirschenbaum registered voters in Mississippi was during the summer of 1964, when he was arrested and thrown in jail. The second time was on Tuesday, after returning to the Southern state more than a half-century later to support a new…

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