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Cultivating a transformative culture of civic engagement across the state of Mississippi

What We're About

Mississippi Votes is an organization of intergenerational synergy centering and led by young people invested in the progression of Mississippi. We do this through our programming and outreach strategies that empowers young people, encourages civic engagement, and educates communities on voting rights through place-based grassroots organizing.


Here’s How Young Black Voters Are Fighting Back Against Voter Suppression in Mississippi

June 06, 2019

While folks around the country are galvanizing today, National Voter Registration Day, to make sure people are eligible to vote come Election Day, here in Mississippi, young black voters are fighting for much more than making sure our names are on the voter rolls. For four…

Be a geofence: The story behind the technology that millennial-led Mississippi Votes uses to help more young Mississippians vote

June 06, 2019

JACKSON — Arekia Bennett throws herself into a chair in front of a dark red accent wall and rattles off a list of positions she hopes to fill as quickly as possible at Mississippi Votes, the nonprofit she has led as executive director for almost a year. Recently, Mississippi…

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